We develop brand, experiences and visual identities to reflect core values.


sp71 recently led Raina Stinson Photography through our proprietary brand boot camp to uncover the truth about their core values and business goals. We established a vision and mission while focusing on differentiation and positioning for the business. Raina Stinson Photography is now in control with a well articulated brand foundation, messaging, and new visual identity system. sp71 brought on long time collaborator, Cassie Eaton, to help us translate the brand foundation into a compelling look & feel. This was a very rewarding project on so many levels. Perhaps the most important project takeaway is that when you trust in the process, and each other, great design happens.

sp71 has a passion for film because we love storytelling in long form. Here's a micro site we produced with @nixbesser for a documentary about the history, science and culture of the club drug, ecstacy. The film was shot in 5 countries and produced in Los Angeles and Portland.

sp71 is always inspired when working with restaurant and bar owners because they are all about Customer Experience. Here we were tasked with developing a visual identity for a new brand emerging in the action-sports culture of central Oregon.

Crafting authentic experiences is what sp71 is all about. Here's an example of a destination wedding in New Orleans where sp71 designed a collateral package inspired by the city's rich history.